Tree Climbing Kit (10% off)

Everything you need to get started with tree climbing. 10% off.


Teufelberger treeMotion EVO

Courant Koala S or M/L

Kit bag: Courant Cross Pro 54L

Available Colors: Black/Flash Lemon, Fresh Blue, Full Red. Please specify the desired color during checkout.


Teufelberger hipSTAR Flex 11.5mm

Climbing Rope:

Teufelberger FireFly 11.1mm (One Eye Spliced) 45m



Teufelberger shaoLINE 2.2mm 60m

Notch Neo Throw Weights:


Falteimer Deluxe Folding Cube

Aluminium Karabiners (2 included in the package):

Notch Oval Aluminum Karabiner


Notch D Aluminum Karabiner/Notch HMS Aluminum Karabiner (3 included, please specify option during checkout.)

Courant Honos Tool Karabiner

DMM Triple Attachment Pulley

Bee Line:

Rope Logic Eye & Eye Prusik cord G Spliced 8mm x 28" Bee Line

Teufelberger Ocean Polyester e2e

Notch Jet Step Foot Ascender

Notch SRS Chest Harness

Courant Synchro

Courant Ferlette Ball 



Kask SuperPlasma Hi-Viz Helmet

Kask Helmet Accessories

Kask Clear/Smoke Visor for Helmet

Kask Earmuff Adaptor for Helmet

Kask Earmuffs