Basic Tree Climbing Kit 10% Off

Everything you need to get started with tree climbing. 10% off.

Teufelberger treeMotion Pro harness or Courant Koala harness Size: S or Size M/L, 1 unit

Teufelberger Hipstar Flex Light 11.5mm 4m, 1 unit

Teufelberger Tachyon Ash (One end spliced) 45m, 1 coil

Notch 1.75mm Acculine Throwline 180ft/55m, 1 coil

NOTCH Thow Bag 12oz, 1 unit

Falteimer Deluxe Folding Cube, 1 unit

ISC Oval Carabiner, 3 units

ISC Phlotich Hitch Pulley, 1 unit

Courant Phoenix 8mm 0.76m, 1 loop

Courant Synchro1.3m Cambium Saver, 1 unit

Courant Ferlette Ball, 1 unit

Kask SuperPlasma Hi-Viz Helmet White, 1 unit

Kask Clear Visor for Helmet, 1 unit

Kask Earmuff Adaptor for Helmet, 1 pair

Kask Earmuffs, 1 pair

Courant Cross Pro 54L Bag, 1 unit