Tree Climbing Kit (10% off)

Everything you need to get started with tree climbing. 10% off.

Harness (Qty 1): Teufelberger treeMotion EVO or Courant Koala S or M/L

Kit bag (Qty 1): Courant Cross Pro 54L

Available Colors: Black/Flash Lemon, Fresh Blue, Full Red. Please specify the desired color during checkout.

Flipline (Qty 1): Teufelberger hipSTAR Flex 11.5mm

Climbing Rope (Qty 1): Teufelberger FireFly 11.1mm (One Eye Spliced) 45m

Throwline (Qty 1): Teufelberger shaoLINE 2.2mm 60m

Notch Neo Throw Weights (Qty 1): 12oz

Falteimer Deluxe Folding Cube (Qty 1)

Aluminium Karabiners (2 included in the package): Notch Oval Aluminum Karabiner

Courant Honos Tool Karabiner (Qty 1)

DMM Triple Attachment Pulley (Qty 1)

Bee Line (Qty 1): Rope Logic Eye & Eye Prusik cord G Spliced 8mm x 28" Bee Line or Teufelberger Ocean Polyester e2e

Notch Jet Step Foot Ascender (Qty 1)

Notch SRS Chest Harness (Qty 1)

Courant Synchro (Qty 1)

Courant Ferlette Ball  (Qty 1)

Kask SuperPlasma Hi-Viz Helmet (Qty 1)

Kask Helmet Accessories

Kask Clear/Smoke Visor for Helmet (Qty 1)

Kask Earmuff Adaptor for Helmet (Qty 1)

Kask Earmuffs (Qty 1)