Indigrow Magnum Granular Wetting Agent

Magnum Granular is an innovative spreadable wetting agent containing a blend of super surfactants for fast water penetration into localised dry spots and hydrophobic soil or thatch. Magnum Granular utilises Zeolite technology as a carrier. The micro-pores are infused with a new generation blend of super surfactants, giving preventative and curative activity. These surfactants help outperform conventional wetting agents by as much as 25 to 1. This product does not need to be watered in, but will only be activated with irrigation or rainfall.

Apply magnum granular at a rate of 10kg per 1,000m2 and re-apply monthly during the spring and summer. after the first 2 applications the rate of application can be reduced to 5 kg per 1,000m2


Description Value
Approx. Longevity 4-6 weeks
Cutting height >2mm
Pack Size 10 kg
Coverage 1,000 m2
Application Information
Application Rate 10 g/m2
Water rate N/A
Method Spreader