i-Pro BUNDLE ??Sand/Clay Blade + Depth Stop & Docking Station


iPro Holecutter :

  • The new iPRO is now 1.5kg lighter for easier user experience
  • Free demonstrations can be requested.
  • The iPro is now more ergonomic with new Anti-Vibration custom moulded grips, giving the user a more dexterous feel whilst providing a solid grip when pounding the unit.
  • New modified blade top and super smooth material to eliminate hammer contact issues and drive the blade easily without compacting the root zone.
  • Closer Tolerance engineering on the blade internals to ensure precision and reduce plug drop issues.
  • Auto-locking handle system, balanced to carry straight after cutting.
  • The stronger locking Easy Ratchet mechanism and redesigned case hardened internals, contribute to 50% less back strain on the user.
  • 100% designed & manufactured by BMS in Luton, UK Suitable USGA and Push up Greens, inside or outside cutting blade options.
  • Optional adjustable depth stop gauge, bolts into place for perfect repeatable plug swapping.
  • Optional Docking Station protects your greens from sharp edges and prolongs the life of the blades when transporting or storing in the shed.
  • Annual service, collection, repair and delivery service available, ask for details.