Etesia Donky with Tank Tray

With the new DONKY Battery Operated carrier, ETESIA makes site work a lot easier. No more relying on the strength of your arms alone for moving heavy loads.


Max load of the tray 250 Kg
Usable volume of the tray without side boards 180 L
Usable volume of the tray with side boards

400 L

Power 1700 Watts
Motor type Electric
Battery GEL (lead / acid)
Wheel transmission
Transmission type Electric
Forward speed (km/h) 6 km/h
Reverse speed (km/h) 3 km/h
Tyre Front : 18 x 8,5 x 8 / Rear : 10 x 6,5 x 6
Dynamic brake Electronic control
Measurement and weight
Weight 170 kg
Height 102 cm
Width 90 cm
Length 172 cm