Clegg Impact Tester 2.25 kg Model - 0 to 150 Gravities (+/- 1% or 1.5 G Accuracy)- For Athletic fields (natural grass fields & synthetic turf fields) New Bluetooth Model with hard Factory case

The Clegg Impact Tester is a professional instrument used to determine hardness on all types of areas - Readings in Gravities (Gmax), CIT's and F355 Equivalent


New for 2021 - Wireless bluetooth display with GPS enabled tablet, data logging and mapping. The new PNCLEGG-S-2.25-A- Clegg Impact Tester 2.25 kg model reads out from 0 to 150 Gravities, 0 to 15 CIT's or 0 to 218 - F355 GMax equivalent readings and has a better accuracy range (+/- 1% or 1.5 G Accuracy) as compared to the 0-500 Gravity unit (+/- 1% or 5 G Accuracy) fortesting soft surfaces like natural grass fields & synthetic turf athletic fields, infill products and all sports fields.  This model is the same model that is used to test all NFL National Football League Stadium Fields before games and also all NFL Practice Facilities.  Instruction manual and App comes with conversion formula to convert readings to F355 equivalent readings.  Note the 150 g maximum reading on this unit is sufficient for maximum impact readings in the ASTM F355 range after using the conversion formula included in the Turf-Tec Instruction Manual. 200 g's on F355 Impact Tester = 135 g's on Clegg Impact Tester.Clegg Impact Tester Mapping with GPS Image

For Horse Tracks, The 2.25 kg Clegg conforms to standards testing for H.R. 133 Title XII - Horse racing Integrity and Safety Act (HISA) of 2020 for the racetrack safety program (Stimulus BILL 116 HR 133 Public Law 116 - 68). It can be used on Dirt, Turf, Synthetic and Grass racetracks.

The principle behind the Clegg Impact Soil Tester, also called the Clegg Hammer and Clegg Decelerometer, is to obtain a measurement of the deceleration of a free falling mass (Hammer) from a set height onto a surface under test to determine its hardness. The impact of the Hammer produces an electrical pulse, which is converted and displayed on the GPS enabled tablet in units of gravities "G-max", tens of gravities "CIT", or F355 Equivalent units. Reference ASTM test methods ASTM 1936, ASTM F355, D5874 and F1702.

The standard test protocol for sports field testing is to drop the hammer one consecutive time on the test area result. The Clegg offers the convenience of rapidly scanning compaction variation over large areas.