Camp Turbofoot EVO Right


The beloved Turbofoot ascender gets an upgrade with the Turbofoot Evo. Integrated rollers deliver incomparable efficiency during climbing and low wear-and-tear on both the rope and on the ascender itself. Can be used in two different modes with the flick of a switch: free the cam to allow for immediate insertion and removal or lock the cam to prevent the possibility of accidental releases. The fastening straps adapt to any type of boot with auto-locking buckles for fast and secure adjustment. Mud and dirt can exit through special holes in the cam to help prevent build-up. Aluminum alloy main body. Precision cast stainless steel cam. Can also be used as a progress capture pulley (for light material hauling only, 50 kg max). For ropes from 8 to 13 mm. ATTENTION: the Turbofoot is intended for progression only and cannot be used as a life safety attachment.