CAMP Enigma


The Enigma is a completely openable swivel with large pivoting shackles that allow for connections directly to both metal and textile devices without the use of connectors. The rotating swivel combined with the pivoting shackles allow for an incredible range of orientations and movements. The unique design opens the swivel and both shackles with a single screw (key provided with product). The safety locking
system is independent and opposite to the working direction of the device for easy and safe assembly. Stainless steel core with ball bearings combine with an aluminum alloy main body and rings for a very high breaking strength (23 kN) and a high working load limit (5 kN). Shackles have a large opening (18 mm) and large inner working space to allow for connection of several devices to the same ring.

WEIGHT: 4.1oz

WLL: 500kg

MBS: 23kN