Berger 1114 Pruning hand shears, 15 degree angled cutting head

The hand shears of the BERGER aluminum line impress with their lightweight handles made of durable, forged aluminum and enable efficient and safe working. Healthy working is supported by the ergonomic, 15 ° angled cutting head, which compensates for the inclination of the wrist during use and ensures comfortable cutting. Thanks to the special hollow grinding technique, the ‘Made in Germany’ professional tool achieves optimum cutting results. A deep groove forged into the counterblade has a self-cleaning effect and enables long-lasting clean cutting without sticking. For precise cutting, the intermediate cutting lock assists with smaller diameters cuts. Blade and counter blade are interchangeable, in addition, a wire notch for cutting fine binding wire is integrated in the blade. The built-in damper ensures fatigue-free working and protects the wrists. Thanks to the forged oil reservoir, the scissors can be lubricated quickly and easily without disassembly. These secateurs are also available for smaller hands, see model 1104.
25mm cut. Replaceable blade and counter-blade. Forged aluminium handles. Shock absorber. Deep sap groove. Wire cutting notch. Angled cutting head. Intermediate cutting position. Ergonomically designed handles. 230g. 215mm length.