Report on Macau Stadium 17-10-2006

2006-10- 7

The following is the survey report made for Macau Stadium which was carried out from 20th to 22nd September 2006. The variety of vegetation is Bermuda Tifway 419 with pitch size 105 x 68 meters

The aim of this report is to continuously maintain and improve an excel quality standard of the facilities, particularly the turf performance.

Each performance standard has a stated method of test. The following tests’result provides data which are useful for turf management and to make comparison with other pitches.

Readers are expected to gain maximum benefit by adopting the modified protocol and testing tools, base on The Institute of Groundsmanship from the United Kingdom for the Performance Quality Standard, with the parameters mentioned in this survey.

Test No. 1
Measurement of the height of vegetation.

Using a polystyrene disc with a guide stick (with markings in millimeters) at the disc centre and measure the height of vegetation to the highest point, this will show the cut height of the grass of that area.

20 readings were taken on individual spot and the height of vegetation (grass) were ranged from 29 mm to 36 mm which is within the satisfactory range for a performance regarding the even height of the grass to see whether this is needed to be cut again after mowing.

Test No. 2
Estimate the percentage of ground coverage for vegetation and bare patches.
Assessment of evenness.


Use a straight edge of 2 meters length of wood over the turf ground to measure any gap between the bottom of the straight edge and the soil or the thatch surface. 20 readings were taken and they are listed as follows:

(1) 29mm (6) 29mm (11) 32mm (16) 34mm
(2) 30mm (7) 31mm (12) 35mm (17) 40mm
(2) 30mm (8) 35mm (13) 29mm (18) 32mm
(4) 31mm (9) 34mm (14) 35mm (19) 33mm
(5) 29mm (10) 32mm (15) 30mm (20) 30mm

Location of each of the above are listed on the last page.


Selection for the kind of variety of grass you need.

Equipment used: A frame size with internal dimensions of 500mm x 500mm and is divided into 100 squares of 50mm x 50mm

A total of 20samples were measured.

If a component covers over half a square, then this is treated as full coverage for that individual square (or 1% of the total frame). Where a component covers less than half a square, then this is treated as 0% coverage for that individual square.


Desirable grass species.

1) 100% 6) 100% 11) 100% 16) 99%
2) 100% 7) 100% 12) 100% 17) 99%
3) 99.7% 8) 100 13) 100% 18) 98%
4) 99.8% 9) 100% 14) 100% 19) 100%
5) 100% 10) 100% 15) 100% 20) 99.7%

Location of each of the above are listed on the last page.


Test No. 3
Determination of ball bounce.

Inflated a standard football No. 5 size by 0.7Kg/cm with air, then the football is released from the upright measuring stick of 3 meters in length and start the ball from the end of the stick in the upright top position.

The rebound height of the ball is measured by a measure stick for that height through observation..

6 test readings were made with the same average of 1.20 meter.


Test No. 4
Determination of ball roll.


Determination of ball roll.


The football was released from the top of the ramp (1 meter in height) and the distance rolled was measured. 6 readings were made and they are:

1) 4.50m 3) 5.50m 5) 5.50m
2) 5.00m 4) 5.50m 6) 5.90m

Above mark in numbers are list with the location as shown on the last page.


Test No. 5
Measurement of thatch thickness (including root and root zone depth)


9 soil samples were collected with an average of more than 7.5cm root and root zone depth which indicated a satisfactory level have been reached.

Test No. 6.
Soil sampling for the measurement of soil pH and fertilizer content on NPK.
Determination of soil pH.


20 soil samples were taken for the pH tested. The pH was neutral to slightly alkaline (6.5 to 7), depends on the location of the sampling site measurement by field equipment and laboratory analysis.


Test No. 7
Determination of Fertilizer content NPK in the soil.


The NPK test result shows the pH is sufficient for the grass to grow. The rich in Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potash which has the sign of deep green colour and a reasonable density of grass for the playing surface.

(1) pH 6.8
(2) pH 6.9
(3) pH 6.9
(4) pH 7
(5) pH 6.8
(6) pH 6.6
(7) pH 6.5
(8) pH 6.8
(9) pH 7
(10) pH 6.8
(11) pH 6.9
(12) pH 6.9
(13) pH 7
(14) pH 6.6
(15) pH 6
(16) pH 5.9
(17) pH 6
(18) pH 6.6
(19) pH 6.5
(20) pH 6


Determination of earth worm and diseases.


No earth worm can be seen inside or under the subsoil of the 100 square frame area. There is no sign of earth worm casts on the surface soil and no sign of turf diseases within the pitch area.

Test No. 8
Determination of Traction.

Equipment used: Traction apparatus, with a 40kg weighted disc, studs fixed to a plate and torque wrench.

The weighted disc has pressure applied by used of a torque wrench. The force required in moving the disc is recorded as following.

1) 3.5 Kg-m 3) 4.0 Kg-m 5) 3.5 Kg-m
2) 3.5 Kg-m 4) 4.0 Kg-m 6) 4.0 Kg-m