Silky Tsurugi Large Teeth Curved Pruning Saw

A lightweight saw with a narrow blade and the same aggressive performance as that of a ‘big saw Yes, it is possible! Silky succeeded in developing a pull saw with a narrow blade that enables precision pruning without sacrificing performance. This ingenious design makes the Tsurugi a perfectly balanced saw.

The combination of the curved blade and the revolver-style handle is ideal for work above the shoulder and below the knee. While your arm, wrist, and hand remain in their natural position, you can still saw on top of the branch with ease. Additionally, you quickly realize when the end of the saw cut has been reached, so that you work more efficiently even in the most difficult circumstances. With the narrow blade of this saw, you will be capable of working with precision in the most densely grown spaces, without damaging surrounding branches.

The powerful blade has a high rigidity and a row of razor-sharp, aggressive teeth that will leave behind a smooth tree cut. The comfortable Genki revolver grip has no bolts or screws, and consists of just two rubber parts perfectly encasing the steel. Very nifty, and no further tools needed!

The aluminum scabbard is designed in such a way so that the saw will not fall out of it, but can still be pulled with just one hand. The scabbard is lightweight and can be used by both right-handed and left-handed people. Complete your Tsurugi with the available leg straps and you will always have the saw at arm’s length.

Did you know that the tsurugi is named after a double-edged Japanese sword from ancient times Proof of its great performance!

The Tsurugi Curve is suited for pruning fresh wood and is available with two different teeth: 7.5 per 30 mm and 10 per 30 mm. The possible blade lengths are: 210 – 270 and 330 mm. Do you prefer working with a straight blade The Tsurugi Straight series will be your choice.

All saws in the Tsurugi series come with a lightweight, aluminum scabbard (for both right-handed and left-handed people) with detachable belt holder. The scabbard has 4 rollers that prevent the sharp teeth from damaging the case. The bottom part is equipped with a hole that drains moist and saw dust.

Technical Specifications

  • High-allow steel
  • Teeth: 7.5 teeth per 30 mm
  • Kerf: 1.6 mm
  • Radius: 6506

The blade must be kept clean to maintain its efficiency. Resin dissolves in olive oil, which is an effective and environmental friendly way to maintain the blade with. More aggressive liquids can damage the rubber material of the handle.
When not using the saw, make sure it is dry at all times. Store the saw in its scabbard in a dry place.